My average and usual charging rate is 0.07€ per word.

I charge less for repetitive text, for large quantities, for far too easy translation, as a charity discount, and for long-term customers. I charge more for highly urgent translations, way too specialized terminology, poorly legible texts and gramatically poor texts.

All rates are within 0.05€—0.10€ per word.


My average rate is 10—20€ per hour. Consecutive interpreting only.

Interpreting hours are charged as of the moment of my arrival on site until dismissed. Travel costs not charged if within 100km from Banja Luka.


Translation rates apply to localization also. Higher rates are charged if source is not raw text.

Translations in Serbian are delivered in Cyrillic script by default. Nontheless, customers can ask for Latin only or both scripts, at any time.