Serbian Language

It is spoken by Serbs and almost identical to the one spoken by Croats, Bosniaks and Montenegrins. In the worst case, it is quite well understood. Serbo-Croat was once recognized as the the language spoken by all of these peoples. That language doesn’t exist any more. Today, it is branched into Serbian and Croatian, with emerging Bosniak and Montenegrin. It is only the matter of names, the language itself actually didn’t change much.

Cyrillic vs Latin

Officially, Serbian uses both scripts. Nonetheless, in certain cases Cyrillic is preferred (eg. government institutions, official education, Serbia) in other cases it is Latin (eg. IT business, Montenegro).

Translations in Serbian are delivered in Cyrillic script by default, but customers can ask for Latin only or both scripts, at any time.

Localization is usually delivered in both scripts. My localization translation is generally complying with the Microsoft terminology (unless customer choses other).