Dejan Škrebić

more than 11 years of freelancing

I have BA in English language and literature, from Banja Luka University, and I am currently in MA studies. My interpreting and translation related experience includes 3 years of cooperation with the Association of Court Interpreters of Republic of Srpska, 1 year working for the Centre for Geostrategic Research of Banja Luka University, and more than 10 years of freelancing.

I have also worked as English language teacher, 7 years for state schools, 1 year for private schools and 1 year running own language course.


I am volunteering in esperantist movements in Srpska, and I am fluent in Esperanto. I speak basic German and have started learning Mandarin. Interested in languages in general, skillfull with computers, experienced in prepress and webdesign.

All translation relevant information are contained in my CV.
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